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Organizing your move is not an easy task. Before you decide to hire some of the best Vancouver moving companies, make sure you know the costs of your move. One of the key elements you should get acquainted with the moving quotes Vancouver. We are here to help you understand all about moving quotes Vancouver. Our moving company offers the best quality moving service. You can choose between local or long distance moving, residential or business moving. All you have to do is contact our movers and we will help you plan your moving costs.

What are the moving quotes?

Moving quotes Vancouver are also called moving estimates. When you decide to move, you should consider all the moving costs. Every company you consider hiring offers you a certain quote. Our company’s representative will show you how much it will cost if they move you. You should know about the basic aspects of the moving quotes Vancouver even before you ask your mover for an estimate.  On the other hand, if you don’t know what to ask for, some companies may give you an offer that is not final. You may end up making a mistake not knowing and spend a lot of money afterward on additional moving expenses.

You should know about the basic aspects of the moving quotes before you ask your Vancouver mover for an estimate.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they don’t ask for an estimate before they hire movers. The estimates you receive from us over the phone or the one you may ask for online shouldn’t be your basic price parameter. That way you will be sure to choose the good moving company for your move. Also, you should keep in mind that our company can also offer you storage units in Vancouver. You might need it if you are moving long distance.

How do you get a moving quote?

Getting a moving quote Vancouver is very easy. If you contact us, we will let you know how it works and help you establish a moving budget. Before you call us, think about the details of your move. We will make sure to listen to your needs and help you decide on the best moving service. Our moving company also offer an online free moving cost calculator, which can help you calculate your moving costs.

At High Level Movers we send the professional to do an inventory of your belongings. When he comes, he will assess your home and your belongings. With your help, our professional mover will take note of all the belongings you want to move. Considering the details of your move like distance, a potential need for a storage unit, transport, and other aspects of the move, he will give an estimate. Make sure you ask your mover if professional packing supplies Vancouver are included in the moving quote. One of the most common beginner movers mistakes is not asking everything about the moving procedure. Make sure to ask us about all the details regarding your move. Our professional Vancouver movers should explain everything about your residential moving Vancouver.

Our professional moving company’s estimator will give you the written document at the end. The document will be binding and official. We will sign the document accordingly and leave the copy of the official moving quote to you. That way you will know that we are reliable and professional movers in Vancouver.

Different types of moving quotes Vancouver

There are different types of moving estimates. The most important is that you understand the difference between them. When you do, make sure to ask our movers for another type of the estimate.

Non-binding moving quote or an estimate

Non-binding moving quotes Vancouver are not the projection of the final price of the move. As the name says they are not a binding contract. They represent the ballpark estimate of the moving cost. The final cost of the move may be lower or higher than the estimate you receive and you may not be sure about it. Also, until the moving day, you may not know how much the moving cost may add up to. Non-binding moving estimates may not include additional services that the company provides. Here’s the list of some of those additional moving services:

  • Professional packing supplies
  • Fuel surcharges and pay tools
  • Extra charges for handling bulky items
  • Long carry fees
  • Moving cancellation fee
  • Extra stop charges
  • Moving insurance

Binding quote or an estimate

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The binding quote you get from us may include basic insurance policy for your move.

Binding quotes represents the final price of your move. When you receive a binding quote, you may be able to plan the budget for your move. With a binding estimate, you know that any additional charges will not be added to the estimated price. It is always better to ask for the binding quote from your movers. Even in a situation when your shipment weighs more than expected, you won’t have any additional costs. Also, the binding quote you get from us may include basic insurance policy for your move.

Binding not-to-exceed quote or an estimate

The not-to-exceed estimate may be the best estimate that the professional moving companies offer. We usually offer this type of the estimate for the long-distance moves. These estimates assure you that the price you get for an estimate is the highest amount your movers can charge. Moreover, in a case your items weigh lower than estimated, the price we charge you can be lowered.

How to choose the best movers?

If you are not sure about the company you should hire for your move, contact us. Our movers have years of experience with every kind of moving situation. You can rely on us to help you plan your move. Also, our movers will make sure to honor the delivery date and give you the best price. We are here to offer best moving quotes Vancouver and the best moving experience possible.

Hiring piano movers may seem a bit costly. But grab a calculator and do the math in case of an accident.

You can rely on us to help you plan your move.