Best parks in Vancouver

Vancouver being the Canada center offers more than you may need. All the bests this city has to offer from culture art, design, museum, entertainment, and fine dining is here. But when you need a break from the big noisy streets you have wonderful pieces of nature you can enjoy. As soon as the Canada weather turns warmer, people go out to explore green parts of Vancouver. If we are admiring this beautiful city and its interesting neighborhoods, we must admire all the parks Vancouver has to offer. Vancouver is home to 1.500 parks that are all there for residents and tourists to admire and enjoy. If you are moving to Vancouver make sure to ask your Vancouver moving company for recommendations about the best location for your future residence. Take a tour through the best parks in Vancouver.

High Park as one of the best parks in Vancouver

One of the best parks in Vancouver is High Park. This perfect location boasts with many beautiful hiking trails, sports facilities, diverse vegetation, amazing lakefront and many more. As the largest public park in Vancouver offers convenient parking area, easy public access. You can enjoy its beauties along with your dog and with children. It has numerous playgrounds, a zoo and couple of eateries and greenhouses. With lovely picnic areas proudly carry’s the title of one of the best parks in Vancouver. You can enjoy Vancouver High Park throughout the entire year. Also, there are numerous and various events during the entire year.

Best parks in Vancouver
You can enjoy High Park Vancouver and its beauties along with your dog and with children.

Vancouver Music Garden

One of the most beautiful sites to visit in Vancouver is Vancouver Music Garden. This park is the constant inspiration for nature and music lovers. As one of the most interesting Vancouver tourist attractions, Vancouver Music Garden also has an interesting story to tell.  This amazing natural attraction is the reflection in the landscape of Bach’s Suite No. 1 in G Major for unaccompanied cello. It was designed by internationally renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma.  and Landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy and other associates had this location transformed into one of the best parks in Vancouver. In Vancouver Music Garden you can enjoy free concerts in the summertime and guided tours.

Vancouver Islands

Vancouver Islands is a must-see scenery with small islands that are connected. Not far from the city center, it is a place to relax and take a deep breath and smell the salt water air. You can reach it by riding a ferry or bu the water taxi. Also, you can enjoy many clubs by the water, the amusement park, and few beaches. Vancouver Islands offer the urban and fun experience to all of the visitors. And the best part is there are no cars. Vancouver Islands are very popular for recreation. You can rent a bike and ride it through the island. Also, it is possible to rent a kayak or the canoe and enjoy the Vancouver view from the seaside. Specialists for local moves in Vancouver recommend visiting Vancouver Islands because it is one of the best parks in Vancouver.

Evergreen Brick Works

Another beautiful park in Vancouver will attract people from all around is Evergreen Brick Works. This eco-friendly space has been completely transformed. Evergreen Brick Works is the main station for Evergreen’s programs. It is the dynamic public space in the heart of Vancouver’s Don Valley. Visitors can participate in interactive workshops and get a chance to see many community festivals. Also, it offers a full suite of programs combining ecology, design, technology and the arts.

Vancouver parks
Evergreen Brick Works is the dynamic public space in the heart of Vancouver’s Don Valley.

Evergreen Brick Works is famous for its year-round weekend farmers market, native plant and organic gardening stores. Also, when you visit you can enjoy cafés, cycling, open-air native and edible plant gardens. This is one of the best parks in Vancouver because kids are very welcome. There is also the greenhouse for kids and wood-fired oven. Walk around beautiful ponds and amazing nature trails through 40-acres of land surrounding Don Valley. Take a guided tour of Evergreen Brick Works.  Worl wide famous National Geographic named this park in Vancouver a top-10 geo-tourism destination. It is free to visit and enjoy all year round.

Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park is another Vancouver attraction you shouldn’t miss. If you are moving from the US to Canada, visit the oldest urban park. It will offer unforgettable Vancouver experience. It is situated in the Vancouver city center. Also, it offers green oasis right in the heart of town. As one of the best parks in Vancouver, Queens Park is designed in the style of an English landscaped garden. In the center of the southern park, the beautiful Ontario Legislative Building is situated. Visitors can enjoy its amazing architecture and can take a guided tour of this structure. Also, if you like historical landmarks, Queens Park is a place to visit. Also, by visiting this amazing piece of nature you can see many beautiful landmarks.

Queens park It is situated in the Vancouver city center. It offers green oasis right in the heart of town.

Riverdale Farm

If you like farm life you will enjoy Riverdale Farm. Moreover, it is one of the most interesting parks in Vancouver. If you like picnics in the summer, this is a place for you. You will enjoy a beautiful nature with plenty of shade. You can also book a picnic table for your event or gathering at the Riverdale Farm in Vancouver. In the winter time, the Riverdale Park offers the city’s best tobogganing hills. On the other hand, these parklands are rich with ponds and butterfly herb gardens.

This is one of the most interesting places for the farm experience for you and your family. You are able to take your children see pigs, goats, chickens, sheep, horses, and cows. Taste the farm life in the heart of the city and one of the best parks in Vancouver. Also, if you are moving alone to Vancouver and exploring Vancouver nature, consider visiting other parks in Vancouver:

  • Edwards Gardens
  • Guild Park
  • Lake Ontario
  • Sunnyside Park