How to hire a reliable and affordable moving company?

What does it even mean to hire a reliable and affordable moving company? I mean, if they are a moving company – aren’t they inherently good? If you are new to the whole moving business, then you are in for a nasty surprise. No, not all moving companies are reliable and affordable. In most cases, the two do not go well together. Reliable moving companies are, usually, expensive. And this is what you are paying for. Good reputation and security. However, you can always look for a cheaper way out and get something far more affordable… But at what risk?

In this article, we will cover a few potential scenarios. Also, we will break the myth behind your ability to hire a reliable and affordable moving company. Spoiler alert – it is possible! However, problem is that it is far more difficult than you might think. Not impossible, just difficult. To understand how this is possible we first need to identify the elements that make one moving company reliable. And then provide you with a few tips and tricks as to how you can find one reliable company at a decent, affordable price. For example, take small movers Vancouver that are both reliable and affordable.

The legend behind the ability to hire a reliable and affordable moving company

Again, people usually think that this is surreal. But it isn’t. You just have to know what to look for, and where to look for it. Neither is impossible, but without any road signs and guidance it could end up being extremely difficult. Fortunately for you, we’ve already taken that road. We know where to look. Nothing guarantees you will find exactly what you are looking for, but we will be able to help you at least make a good start.

When you look to hire a reliable and affordable moving company it's best to make sure it is registered, licensed and without any complaints against it
Look for the companies that have all the elements we recommend. If you find that company is lacking an element keep looking further

So, now that you believe us that a combination of reliable and affordable as possible, we need to identify what reliable is. Reliable moving companies will be responsible, accredited, reputable and professional. They will take care of your stuff with utmost care, and nothing will (ideally) get damaged or lost. Everything will arrive at the final destination just the way you left it. And unpacking will be a breeze. So, how do you identify these superheroes? There are a few things to look for.

Are they licensed?

Licensed companies are those that tend to be most reliable. Licensed? What does this mean? It means that it is a registered company. It means that a company has an owner who is identifiable by first and last name. This person is also the responsible person who is addressed if anything goes wrong or amiss. Furthermore, these registered companies have an address of their HQ and a viable website. They are no ghost, freelance movers. Furthermore, they are legitimate, and most importantly they are legitimate in the eyes of the law. They receive a registered number from the government, they pay taxes and are a full-fledged company.

You can check online through multiple websites if the company is licenced and registered
Head on to the internet and use available resources to check if the company has a license

So why do you need them? On the other side of the coin, you have a company that doesn’t have a license. These companies are, more often than not, frauds. They have no registered owner nor a person who can be held responsible. They have some make-shift website and no address of a headquarters. This means that they are completely able to commit a felony without you ever being able to trace them down. You can check the movers through the Better Business Bureau to see if they are registered.

The first step towards identifying a reliable moving company is by making sure that they are a licensed company. Great, you are already more than halfway there!

Do they offer insurance?

Aside from being licensed, the best thing you could look for is whether they offer insurance. This is of vital importance. Regardless of how reliable they are, and how well reputable they are, they are still only humans. Humans make errors, and accidents happen. There is no chance to entirely void this from happening 100%. There is always a small chance something will go wrong.

Ask your moving company about the available insurances, and choose one that you want
Movers usually offer several insurance options, so make sure that you get the one that suits you the best

This is where the insurance jumps in. The best part is that, even in the off chance that something goes wrong, you are fully covered and will suffer no losses. This is one of the most important things to look for when you wish to hire a reliable and affordable moving company. Disregard the money you potentially save at start, because if something goes wrong and you don’t have insurance – you might end up losing much more. Also, in case you don’t have health insurance be sure to check out a list of tips on how to protect yourself from injuries.

So, now that we know what it means to be reliable – how do you get them to be affordable?

Simple. There is one trick that people rarely use, and we never understood why. We hope it is because of the fact that they do not know this little cheat fact.

Moving companies operate 365 days a year. This means that they operate for 12 months, regardless of whether they have work or not. Furthermore, if they don’t have work for a month and they need to give out paychecks – they are at a loss. In order to mitigate this loss and make sure that they have worked all year long they offer very special discounts. They offer these discounts to those who are able to book their move months in advance. If you are able to pinpoint your move 3-4 months from now you will be able to save a lot of money.

This is the best way to hire a reliable and affordable moving company. Plan ahead. The further into the future that you are able to predict your move – the more money you will be able to save. If in the end you still don’t know how to hire a reliable and affordable moving company then take a look at top professional movers in Vancouver. They have all the said qualities and will be glad to help you move.