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One thing is certain – life in the business world can be stressful. It is because of this that we strongly believe that moving shouldn’t be! We offer a highly competent team of experienced professionals (in other words, best movers in Vancouver) that are here to make your move seem seamless.

As one of the most esteemed commercial movers Vancouver, we offer our services no matter the distance and no matter the size of your business.

If you decide to put your trust in us we will make sure you never regret it.

Furthermore, our team of experts is the solution to every possible problem that can sneak in during a move.

Combining years of experience and training with modern and high-quality equipment has led to a team that is unmatched. And this is the team you wish to entrust your business move to!

If you are running a dynamic business, our moving services can help you plan the move and coordinate it in a way where you have uninterrupted work.

The possibilities are endless, and these top of the line commercial movers Vancouver are here to listen to you!

Commercial Movers Vancouver – Services

Before you start planning your move, first you need to know what to expect from your commercial movers Vancouver. Of course, none of this is carved in stone. There are certain scenarios and requests that fall

short from the following list. This does not mean that we are not willing to facilitate. Call us, talk to us and we can strike some sort of a deal!

Back on topic. Here is a brief list of potential services we could provide as your future commercial movers Vancouver.

High Level Movers

We are providing professional help with all types of business and office relocation.

How we can help

High Level Movers
  • Entire business relocation. If not handled with enough care, your entire business can be jeopardized. You are professionals at what you do and trust us, we are professionals at what we do. Just like you offer an unparallel level of service to your clients, we offer such to you. Don’t stress about it. Go about your business, while we go about ours. We can fully relocate your business, top to bottom, short or long distance. Fragile equipment? No problem. Entire servers even? No problem. If you want it moved, it shall be moved. Safely and professionally.
  • Single office relocation. The size doesn’t matter. This includes even packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and sorting (even organizing your new work-space). Our handy professionals will be like a swiss army knife, capable of tackling any situation.
  • Office supplies moving. If you have perhaps rented a new business space that has all the furniture ready, and you will not be relocating big woodworks – that makes it all easier. We are here to assist with packing and moving any and all office supplies. From the tiniest pens to large desktop working stations – we can do it all. 
  • Creating a new office space. One of the things commercial movers Vancouver will gladly assist you with is planning the new working space where you will continue creating wonders. We perfectly understand that it might sometimes get overwhelming when you move into a new space – and you can’t figure out how to utilize it. We can help with our team of highly experienced professionals and give suggestions as to what can go where. You want your feng shui to be in line with your operations, and we get that.

Why hire commercial movers Vancouver?

High Level Movers

Hire professional movers in order to avoid moving hazards.

Glad you asked. We have absolutely no idea what your level of knowledge and experience is when it comes to moving.

This is why we will not assume anything. We will create this hypothetical scenario where this is to an extent your first move.

Now, moving in general sounds like a simple endeavor.  And to those that do the commercial and residential moving for a living – it is. To the rest of us, it might seem a tad complicated and overwhelming.

From a planning standpoint, it might seem not so complex. Pack up stuff, take it down the stairs, load a truck, unload a truck and unpack. You would be absolutely amazed when you’d realize just how much work that is.

Also, you’d be stunned by the number of things that can go wrong.

This is why we strongly advise that you hire professional help. Look at it this way, you provide high-level professional service to your clients. Allow yourself to become someone’s client. You will be treated well. Albeit, it may be more expensive to hire movers than to do it yourself… But if you drop your server down a flight of 12 stairs, it becomes far more expensive.

So, when you ask – why should you hire professional assistance? Because sometimes we all need a bit of help. Your business might be already stressful enough, you don’t need any additional annoyances. This is why you should sit back and relax. Let us do the rest.

What are the benefits?

Well, the benefits are incremental. First of all, you basically get to supervise a highly trained team of professionals that do all the heavy lifting for you. The said professionals will come equipped with the latest technology and equipment that make such high-level relocations seem effortless. They will be prepared for all sorts of items that you need moving. Here is the incomplete list of potential services you might be entitled to:

  • Storing, packing and moving of files
  • Packing up workstations as well as computers
  • Packing up furniture (with added extra layers of protection in case of accidents)
  • Stockroom relocation
  • Warehouse relocation (this enormous task is fully doable, and far easier when entrusted with professionals with the right tools)
  • Assembly and disassembly of machinery for relocation
  • School and library relocation

This list is created based on your needs. So the more you get creative and challenging with what you need – the more our list will grow. We are agile and we are adaptive, and we take much pride in this. Hence all we can tell our future clients is – bring it on! We will be prepared and we will do our best to facilitate any and all demands you might have.

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Storage units

Sometimes you will face a move of an immense magnitude. Sometimes, it will not be possible to complete the move in one day. For such challenging moves, you will need backup from your movers in a logistical manner. If you have nowhere to place your items you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. This is why we offer, aside from our services and consulting, storage units in Vancouver.

This comes quite in handy when you, for instance, need to leave your current office space a week or two before the new one becomes available. In this, in the lack of better words, awkward situation you will be able to rely on our services. We will back up the entire process and provide you with a location where you can store your items safely. Everything we do – we do to abolish any stress you might be facing. 

So, you would, with peace of mind, store your items temporarily in our storage and wait until we can proceed with the move itself. Furthermore, if for whatever reason you need to store some of your items in our storage units for a longer period of time – we can facilitate that.

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Managing the move

We go the extra mile for our customers. This means that our moving services do not begin and end with the transportation of your most valued belongings. We try to go above and beyond and offer far more.

We try to take almost everything off of your plate and leave this to our teams. However, if at any point you wish to have full participation we will in no way impair you. We just try to leave this as easy as possible for you.

This is why we offer full move management, to an extent that suits you best. Be it that you let us take care of everything, or you wish us to navigate the logistics, we are fine with both. 

We are here for you. For instance, if you wish to be the move manager – you will be in charge. If not, we shall take it over and just have you as a supervisor.

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Installation and Deinstalation

The furniture you have (or plan to have) speaks volumes about your office, and thus about your business. You want it to represent the energy you foster in your work-floor, and you want it to feel like its a part of your business.We fully understand that and we fully support your ideas.

This is why, in certain scenarios where this is necessary, we offer full services of de-installation and installation of various furniture. We will give our best to turn your vision into reality.

Recycling and Decluttering

One of the things you really do not want to bother yourself with is the process of decluttering and recycling. Again, your company might be more green-oriented in which case – good for you! You can play around with it all you want, you are doing the entire planet a favor.

But if you wish to partake in such projects but don’t have the time to dwell on it – we are at your service. When you move and start settling into the new workspace, you might learn that some of the furniture and electronics you bought don’t really fit in. In such cases, we will help you recycle and dispose of such objects in order to have your workspace look just the way you want it to. In some other cases, you will have the desire to recycle pieces of your equipment in order to make room for something new and modern. Either way, we can help you achieve this. This is not something all of your local moving companies in Vancouver will do.

Other services

High Level Movers

Commercial movers Vancouver will offer consulting services based on your needs

Commercial moving is not really our only forte. Aside from providing relocating and logistics services to businesses attempting to relocate, we also provide the same type of support to people seeking residential movers in Vancouver.

Residental Moving

Even though this is an entirely different ball game, we have a separate team of trained and experienced professionals who are ready to jump in and help relocate your family with ease. We have a large grasp of various types of residential moves. For instance, we are well equipped for apartments on the 17th floor as well as house-based relocations. Furthermore, this goes for both short distance and long distance moves Ontario. Commercial movers Vancouver are specialized far and wide, ready to accommodate any and all needs you might have. So if you get pushed away by this article talking about business relocations, don’t worry. We have just as much about residential moving.


Aside from the actual hands-on work, commercial movers Vancouver will offer consulting services based on your needs. We would be basically giving you advice and our own professional opinion as to how you can go about a certain moving project.

This might lead to you hiring our hands-on services, or lead to you realizing you don’t need anyone to complete what you wanted. Either way, we hope to be of assistance in any way we can.

Just like you believe that your business is best at what you do, in regards to this we believe we are the best choice you might have. There is no shame in being at the top, and the top is where we plan to remain. If you wish to test this bold statement we are more than willing to prove just how much this statement is correct.

We hope to hear from you!