Last Minute Moving is committed to delivering a fast and reliable moving experience that is budget-friendly to all our Vancouver business clients. High Level Movers as a top rated moving company, we understand the importance of relocation services that are cost-effective and cause minimal disruption to business – our experienced commercial moving experts are ready to help you with your commercial moving needs.

Where to find last minute movers Vancouver?

If you are in a situation where you have to move quickly without much time to prepare, make sure you find reliable moving company. It is recommended that even you don’t have too much time, to do your research and find the right Vancouver movers online. If in a hurry, make sure you check the company’s credentials. Also, the most important step before hiring any mover should be to get your Vancouver moving quotesThe moving quote is the estimate of the moving costs and our professional movers will offer you the official moving estimate in person.

search online

Find the best moving companies online.

Our moving professionals are here to make sure your last minute move as stress-free as possible. With everything to be organized with a little time you have, you may be over your head. Our movers can organize the entire moving process for you even with a limited time frame.

Our last minute movers Vancouver are fast and professionally trained. Hiring them will save you a lot of time when you move last minute. Also, they can professionally pack your belongings with speed and efficiency. With the use of professional packing materials, our Vancouver moving specialists will make sure your belongings are safe and secure for residential or the long distance relocation.

Tell your movers about any special requests

Tell your movers about any special request regarding your Vancouver move.

When you hire our best last minute Vancouver movers for your relocation, keep in mind to tell us about any special requests you may have. Relocating any expensive artwork, pianos or pool tables may acquire special attention from our moving specialists.  Expensive art pieces should be properly packed and secured during your residence relocation. On the other hand, to move pool tables and pianos our movers have to properly prepare them for the move. Disassembling and properly securing them for a move requires special equipment. That is why you should tell our movers ahead about these items. That way you will save your last minute movers Vancouver and yourself valuable time.

If you don’t have any packing supplies our professionals are here to help. We provide all the professional packing supplies you may need for your last minute move. If you hire us we will make sure to secure and transfer all of your belongings whit ease.

We will make sure to fit within your budget

There are many factors that determine the final price of your move. The size of your shipment, the distance to your new location, insurance policy you choose etc. affect the final price of your move. That is why our High Level Movers will offer the official estimate of the costs before you sign the final contract. You will receive the final moving quote. Also, all the additional costs are included. We will make sure to respect your moving budget. With our help, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs and hidden fees.

Before you sign the final contract with our last-minute Vancouver movers, we will make sure you understand all the aspects of your move. Our relocation specialists will offer you options when moving last minute. They will explain all the aspects of your relocation. Also, you will know all the services that are included in your final relocation price. Our movers are here to take care of the insurance of your belongings during the move. Take time and choose the best insurance policy for your valuables.

additional costs
We will make sure to respect your moving budget.

Consider using our other services


Our cleaners will save you time and energy when you relocate last minute in Vancouver.

When time is of the essence, our last minute movers Vancouver will make sure you relocate in time. We take your delivery date very seriously. We are efficient and fast and we also offer various other moving services. Hiring us for more than one thing can save you a lot of time. Consider the additional services we offer when you hire last minute movers Vancouver.

Professional packing

If you need professional packing supplies we are here to help. Our last minute movers will pack everything for you with speed and efficiency. You can trust our movers to relocate and pack your residence, your company or the office space. On the other hand, if you are packing your items by yourself, we offer various kits containing packing supplies VancouverOur kits contain the best quality packing products. You can rely on our last minute movers Vancouver to guide you and help you choose the package you need for the safe and secure move. Our packages include:

  • Various sizes cube boxes
  • Various sizes china boxes
  • Newsprints unprinted
  • Permanent marker for labeling
  • Short wardrobe box
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap

Professional cleaning

Our movers will professionally clean your space after relocation. Professional cleaning comes with many benefits. Our cleaners will save you time and energy when you relocate last minute in Vancouver. They are skilled and fast and you can be sure they will get the job done right. Also, our company will offer official contract and insurance for cleaning to ensure your satisfaction.

Garbage disposal

Our last minute movers don’t leave anything to chance. We will take care of any leftover garbage after the move is complete. Also, we will make sure to dispose of any hazardous materials before we relocate you.

Storage services

Our Vancouver moving professionals will also store your items during relocation. We offer specialized Vancouver storage facilities with the latest security systems. Let our professionals choose the best storage solution for your needs.